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of the president's plan had barely been out for a new york minute when speaker boehner issued a statement and i'm quoting the great man. "if the president believes these modest entitlement savings are needed to help shore up these programs, there's no reason they should be held hostage for more tax hikes. that's no way to lead and move the country forward." compromise on the table. boehner treats it with contempt. why am i not surprised? >> well, that's exactly right. i mean, the president has put on the table chain cpi, and that's a policy i disagree with. most democrats are strongly in disagreement with it. i think tit's a tactic the whit house is using somewhat wisely. this is a battle whether we're going to replace a dumb and increasingly damaging see sequester with something that's balanced and includes revenues. the tactic demonstrates the president's willingness to take on his own party. there's going to be a battle for who is going to be seen as obstructionist and who is seen as trying to solve the problem. so with the reaction of the republicans, where you're not hearing a whisper of w
asked speaker boehner, would you bring a bipartisan bill to the house floor, he said he would look at it, but there is no guarantee. if this gets out of the senate, the how could sit on it and not let it go anywhere, not let it breathe. interesting enough today, heritage action, they really have the ear of a lot of conservatives in the house gop difference. they came out actively against this. i'm sure there will be pressure on folks against this, so the question becomes, even if it gets out of the senate, if it can come out of the senate, does john boehner wants to go against the hastert rule, risk instigating the majority of the majority to pass this rule, we do not know the answer. >> john boehner has broken that rule several times already this year, but to your point on what's adequate pressure on the house to pass it, are you saying this needs to have very, very strong republican support to get boehner to do anything on it? >> it needs to be like that payroll tax compromise last year, remember two years ago -- time flying up here -- where there's such a bipartisan majority, the hous
that into the chapter pretty alice. john boehner majority leader and barry jackson worked for karl rove. what ended up being happening she was criticized by tom levine. and the other part to it was she had been part of this cover up of torture. her appointment was basically in trouble. at some point in time when john boehner in august called me issue -- and cut a deal with me. he said i had 24 hours to consider this deal. that in fact, i would be able to get a job comparable to the salary i made in congress and he would help me raise legal defense money to put this behind me if i pulled out of the election. they then would get it a replacement which congressman boehner named -- >> what year was this? >> this was in 2006 in august. i had 24 hours. i remember john boehner saying if you don't accept this deal in 24 hours, it's off the table, we won't have this deal again. i called within 24 hours and i said fine. i'll take the deal. comparable salary, you find me a job and you help me raise legal defense money to fight this thing. i just won the primary in 2006. boehner's call made the seg differce- si
a compromise offer that he had done given to speaker boehner and it included some very tough things, but it asked for sensible entitlement reforms that strengthen those core benefit programs, medicare, social security. it asked for revenue savings in the very way that speaker boehner had asked for just months ago, not the by raising rates more, by tax reform that would close loopholes and tax expenditures and apply it to deficit reduction. we can do this while we still invest in the future but, you're right, just what you said. you're not going to get this compromise unless everybody is willing to give, everybody is willing to show a little courage, a little compromise and the president is leading by doing so. >> i can follow this pretty much through having worked on the senate budget committee. i see it getting through the senate budget committee. i see it probably through the senate. we have enough votes to get it through, i think. and then i can see getting to the house and i can see paul ryan over there on the house side carving up his theories and ideologies and objectivism and
. john boehner was asked about gun legislation yesterday and said, as i've made clear, any bill that passes the senate we're going to review it, which is about as noncommittal as one can get on this. if it passes the senate with strong support with both sides of the aisle. can boehner with stand that, break the hastert -- can he withstand that one way or the other. can he go with the hastert rule and say we have to have a majority. or do you think the national pressure and probably the pressure from the upper chamber will be too great? >> i think on this issue he will put aside the hastert rule just on principle. like you said, the issue is too important to sit there and look for a majority. the majority, which probably won't exist. number one. number two, i think that if you just take today's vote, 68-31, and that's the final vote on the bill, because a lot of people talking well 70-plus would really seal it in the house, i think that vote seal it is in the house. just by the number itself. three, i took note of what paul ryan said yesterday. on "morning joe." which was, that b
. thank you. >> thank you. >>> next, boehner and the boys just don't know how to say yes. yes. yes. they just can't. stay with us. >>> the united nations general assembly has overwhelmingly passed its first treaty regulating the multibillion dollar international arms trade. >> i cannot believe the u.s. voted for this thing. thankfully some have opposed this measure. that's right. the nra has now officially joined what i like to call the axis of freedom. [ female announcer ] are you really getting salon quality... or settling for wannabes? stop compromising! new vidal sassoon pro series. care and styling from the original salon genius, created to let you have it all at an affordable price. new vidal sassoon lets you say no to compromise and yes to very shiny... very silky... very sexy... very you. it's salon genius in a bottle! now in your store. new vidal sassoon pro series. salon genius. affordable for all. and his new boss told him two things -- cook what you love, and save your money. joe doesn't know it yet, but he'll work his way up from busser to waiter to chef before opening
it is. 40 republicans have signed a letter asking fellow g.o.p.ers to pressure john boehner not to take up the bill without the supreme court of the majority of the conference. in fact, it could pass without the majority of the republicans voting for it. if enough republicans decide to join with the democrats. that's happens four times this session on the fiscal cliff hurricane sandy funding violence against women act and yesterday with the bill of historical preservation. boehner said he may be open to doing that, although he would rather not. >> certainly my prerogative and my intention is to always pass bills with strong republican support. >> michael: but before it even gets to the house, it will have to going through an amendment process, and you can bet that that will not be pretty. joining me now is minneapolis mayor, r.t. rybak. he is a member of mayors against illegal guns. welcome back in "the war room." >> happy to be here. >> michael: we're happy you came to talk with us because your group is so helpful getting the guns laws passed and into the senate right now. are you enco
proposal will resemble the deal president obama offered speaker john boehner in january. it will include $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction and significant cuts to medicare and social security. but it will also call for fewer tax increases than in the past. this may represent a significant shift in the president's fiscal strategy, but it may also signal a larger pivot. call it obama 3.0, "washington post" writes this budget request reflegts obama's stark shift in strategy. he's begun a charm offensive in hopes they, the republicans will take seriously his offer to overhaul entitlement programs in exchange for increasing tax revenue. obama's aides have not been optimistic about the prospects for a deal but they argue that his strategy of outreach coupled with public events offers the best path forward for progress. the white house may see the con sill terry approach as the best path forward, but what is the end game when the goal posts are set in the middle of the field. ezra klein writes notice "washington post," the upside of the strategy is clear -- obama gets caught trying on a budget co
happen in the house. speaker john boehner does not have much of a backbone. overght very well preside disaster. we're not interested in a vote. .here will be a vote everybody will know what is going on. >> tom coburn and democratic senators have said that universal background checks, at the bill will not get through the senate. politically speaking, would it be beneficial for your group to have a potentially vulnerable democrats on the record? >> i certainly have no objection to having people on record with a vote. if we can do it on a procedural vote, we can explain that to voters. >> and you think there should be up or down votes on assault weapons? >> it does not look like they are something that even the democrats want to bring up. harry reid -- >> he guaranteed a vote. >> bless his heart. i do not know if there will be a procedural matter. is a motion to proceed, which is what is called, that may be the vote. >> you spoke of your influence. talk what will likely be voted on the store. how much influence you can you have in washington compared to the nra? do you think you're gaini
. both conservatives and liberals are criticizing the budget plan. speaker boehner said he's impressed with parts of the plan. is this the first step towards an agreement? we're just hours away from a vote on a gun violence bill in the senate. it will allow the debate to begin on the senate floor. it will be the background check compromise from senator joe manchin and toomey. it does not call for checks between family members and neighbors. bipartisan compromise is giving legislation new life. they both have a ratings from the nra. they say it's the right thing to do. >> i'm a gun owner. and the rights that aren sidelined in the second amendment are very important to me personally. my record shows this. i've got to tell you candidly i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. i think it's just common sense. if you pass a criminal background check you get to buy a gun. it's no problem. it's the people who fail, criminal or mental health background check we don't want having guns. >> the proposal is getting mixed reaction from other members of congress. the manchin-too
am willing to accept. >> for john boehner to say it is a waste of time, it is not. >> members of congress, welcome back. >> after two week recess, please, please, get to work. >>> talking about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. >> the kids at sandy hook were aware they were where they were supposed to be. so were movie goers in aurora and worshippers in oak creek, so was gabrielle giffords, at a super market, listening to concerns of her constituents. they were exactly where they were supposed to be. they were also exercising their rights, to assemble peaceably, worship freely and safely. they were exercising the rights of life and liberty, the pursuit of happiness. >> the right to life is self-evident, so said our founding fathers. we hold these truths to be self-evident. the first right the founding fathers mention was the right to life. rights can come into conflict with other rights. my right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins. the right to bear arms, if it is to be interpreted as individual right, can come into conflict with your right to life. the ri
with republicans at the dinner table tonight, they were going to have to leave all the john boehner baby talk about family budgeting out of that dining room. joining me, ezra klein, msnbc policy analyst, kasie hunt, a political reporter that covered tonight's dinner at the white house. what do we know, kasie? >> the statements are starting to trickle in from the republicans who were at dinner at the white house. it ended just about 40 minutes ago. our first statement came from senator johnny isaacson of georgia who was the organizer of the dinner. he says that our dinner with president obama tonight was very productive. we discussed the debt, deficits and fiscal challenges facing our country, sitting down to talk about how to get our arms around debt is a good step forward to what i hope will be an on-going discussion and path forward to solving our nation's problems. senator hatch took a similar positive tone. said they had a wide ranging open discussion on a range of subjects from tax reforms to entitlements. >> kasie, any indication they got into things other than budget issues? i know the agend
of harm becomes greater every day. john boehner issued a statement saying congressman young's remarks were offensive and beneath the dignity of the office he holds, but boehner wasn't talking about the drink alone recommendation. john boehner was talking about this. >> my father had a ranch, we used to hire 50 to 60 wetbacks and to pick tomatoes. >> john boehner was not in a romney mood about that statement as congress prepares to deal with immigration reform. the presidential campaign seems to have taught boehner that it is time to crackdown on the crazies. i don't care why he said it, there's no excuse and it warrants immediate apology. the chairman of the republican party was also unforgiving, the words used by representative young emphatically do not represent beliefs of the republican party. everyone in this country deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. offensive language and ethnic slurs have no place in our public discourse. krystal ball, you would think it doesn't have a place, except for this crazy congressman. >> you shake your head and think i can't believe this perso
boehner, republican speaker of the house, says effective cuts are the way to sell the debt problem. >> rule against must solve this problem by getting the spending line down. the charts depict what i have said for long long time. why shouldn't have a spending problem that cannot be fixed with tax increases alone. this chart will look a lot worse. our kids and our grandkids are the ones who are going to suffer a cut washington was too shortsighted to fix the problem. the generation will suffer from this issue in the future. thef we don't solve problem, eventually they're going to cut more. >> we should invest in education. it has to be a continuing priority because number one, we owe it to the american people to make sure that each and attaincan obtain their full potential. but also we need the country to maintain. it is important for people to receive their journey. we will not be able to hire good teachers. our classes may grow. and we will be able to provide a good education. then they will not really get skills for them to get better jobs down the road. then they are not able to
a significant start, why did john boehner call it a little more than a stunt, a stun that is dead on arrival. to hear the speaker tell it, it is because the president is still attaching more tax increases to it. it does not add up. the tax hikes were about closing loopholes, why the fuss now? did republicans do to the president on social security what they hated the president doing to paul ryan on medicare, dismissing him for even trying. time to get debating. scotty, what do you think? >> quite be o obvious, i agree h boehner, that is rare for me. but he is right, these are very moderate cuts, all that obama is doing, trying to do a pr stunt to divide the republicans, encourage the moderate senators to come along, look at his plan. when all it does is raymore taxes after we -- raise more taxes after we just saw billions of taxes raised and not give up enough to the entitlements that are needed. neil: i look at it. he moved on something that so enraged left, that they are saying this is all but killing begany. this is a significant slap of the face. they are pissed. i'm surprised that republ
. and it goes to the house, and john boehner, who may have the worst job in america could barely get a third of his own party to go along. now, that's a modest deal. if you can't get more than a third of your house republicans to support a deal like this, that doesn't speak well for the prospects of change. >> and you say that he, that cantor more than any other politician helped to create the series of fiscal crises that you described just a moment ago? >> he really did. he hovered around john boehner as boehner was getting into negotiations with the president over the course of 2011 to head off the debt ceiling crisis. bob woodward -- >> the watergate bob woodward. >> yeah. >> watergate bob woodward has written -- >> now the post-watergate bob woodward. >> -- written a book about these negotiations and did a lot of talking to the republicans. and ended up saying boehner and obama reached a deal and obama walked away from it. well, eric cantor, in his interview with ryan lizza of "the new yorker" a couple of months ago basically corrected him. he said, well, i talked to boehner and said it
to hear house speaker john boehner tell it, reacted this way. >> he does deserve some credit for some incremental entitlement reforms. they outlined in his budget but i would hope that he would not hold who stands these modest reforms for his demand for bigger tax hikes. neil: somewhere boehner has to cobble together or somehow, some sort of a deal with the president who simply won't budge on those taxes even as the speaker already has. so what is the speaker to do? we thought we would ask a former speaker who knows what mr. boehner and republicans are generally up against. former house speaker denny hastert joining me right now. speaker, always good to have you. what would you do? what would you do? >> first of all, you look at the situation and constantly escalating the punishment on productive americans. you know, you can't do that forever and i think boehner and company are certainly have to draw the line there. i think the president has taken some positive steps. entitlements do need to be changed and looked at and modified, but, there are other ways to get capital, to raise reve
, including house speaker john boehner say no way. they're already blasting the whole thing, and the president could face an even tougher time selling the social security changes to some of the liberal members of congress, members of his own party, wendell is live. seems like the president is trying to position himself as the voice of reason? >> i think so greg. it's continue with his new term offensive. the budget will be released next wednesday, and that night the president will host another dozen republicannan senators for dinner. the spending plan calls for half the tax hikes of the house plan. the senate budget has none. aides athis is a reasonable compromise. >> this is not the president's ideal budget. it's not what he would do if he were king or only people who supported his proposals were in congress. its what he believes is a fair and balanced approach to the deficit challenge. >> the white house says the burden of cutting the deficit falls on the backs of the poor and middle class. >> what is the white house saying. >> the plan is growing criticism from the right and the left. john
to include a cut to social security benefits to woo republicans did little to win speaker boehner's heart. >> he deserves credit are for incremental entitlement reformings. i would hope that he would not hold hostage modest reforms for his demand for a bigger tax hikes. >> the white house aides note that the social security is designed to move over rank and file republicans and quickly shot ack that boehner can't offer the concession. >> it is not an ala-cart menu and pick out the concessions. >> the bigger problem is for chain cpi . the consumer price index is anger on the left and among senior citizens. with the powerful aarp declaring they are desmayed by the plan for social security and medicare cuts. it is wrong to try president to balance the budget for weekening the budget for foundation of retirement security for current and future generation. as for the infrastructure funding, the president doesn't use the word upon "spending". we'll grow the economy and add yobs and does so without adding a dime to the deficit. >> he has one trillion in new taxes tobacco tax of 94 cent to pray f
about. it's about people, not politics. but some republicans still don't get it. today, john boehner, the speaker of the house, was asked point blank if he'd allow a vote in the house once the gun bill passed the senate. >> bipartisan-control bill comes out of the united states senate from do you see a vote on the house floor? >> we're going to review it and in the meantime we're going to continue to have hearings looking at the source of violence in our country. but i'm going to wait and see. >> wait and see? boehner's going to wait and see if he'll allow a vote? at the state of the union two months ago, boehner stood and applauded when the president called for a vote. >> gabby giffords deserves a vote. the families of newtown deserve a vote. >> when the entire nation was watching, speaker boehner stood and applauded and now he won't stand up for the victims? starting with the vote tomorrow, americans will want to see a little more political courage and a little less political cowardess. joining me now is julian soto, who you just saw on that tape. jillian traveled to washington wit
out huh disconnected congress and john boehner and the rest of the house is from the rest of the population. >> judge jeanine: just john boehner? hair reid? >> the entire kaw you cuss. >> i'm glad he took a little bit of blame, there, too. it is not all on or side which it is not. >> judge jeanine: steven crowd hear do you think the big topic will be tonight? >> tough to distinguish between celebrities or fox news anchors. that is a game i lik to play because the attractiveness factor is about the same. >> we thank roger ales for that. >> and a lot of gosnel jokes. >> judge jeanine: gosnell being the apportion doctor is that what you are talking about? >> i expect them to avoid that like the plague but expect them to make sequester jokes and light funny topics where they get to throw jabs at republicans and make them look bad and act as though they are being even handed. i can expect tons of that tonight. so looking forwarded to it. >> judge jeanine: when we come back we will take you live to the actual start of the correspondents' dinner. changing the world is exhausting
made to speaker boehner which is incorporated in the president's budget is not the president's ideal approach to our budget challenges. >> for once everyone in washington agrees. of course, the plan includes tax hikes which republicans call a nonstarter. the president is also calling for cuts to social security and medicare which many progressives call a nonstarter. they call it far worse names. does the new proposal stand a chance or is it just a colossal waist of time? out front, hugh hewitt and jim kessler, co-founder of third way. both of them friends of mine. i'm excited to you have here. thank you so much for being here. jim, i'll start with you. the president's plan will be released in full next week. it's a few months late. but we won't begrudge him for that. we don't have the details. parts are similar to the final compromise that the president offered house speaker john boehner when negotiating before the budget talks fell apart. john boehner, nonetheless, slammed the proposal today saying "if the president believes these modest entitlement savings are needed to shore up th
republicans as we hear from john boehner. >> republicans are saying this is unacceptable on its face, it's a replay of what we were seeing back in december during the fiscal cliff negotiations. what president obama put forward in in the budget is essentially his last offer to house speaker john boehner, before boehner walked away and went to the plan b. >> we thought they were so close then. >> sometimes they are so close, it's been clear that boehner, republicans, don't have the votes to be able to do anything that president obama is trying to do. obama is trying to have that kind of reasonable middle ground. i'm not sure whether this really moves the needle on the budget politics. he'll be having dinner with another round of senate republicans next week. it keeps that position of the reasonable center that i'm at least willing to move 60%, 70% of the way and they're waiting for republicans to have a similar type of gesture. >> the dinner wednesday night. only hours after the budget comes out. you can imagine what they'll be talking about over appetizers. i want to ask you what progress
john boehner said about it? nothing. rejects it out of hand. apparently because the president is including tax hikes in the deal. keep in mind that the tax hikes the president is talking about were and are the very same kind of hikes speaker boehner himself was negotiating little more than a year ago. closing tax loopholes and credits that would make for a cleaner tax code and now, coupled with the first ever shot at reining in out of control entitlements. i'm not saying the president's plan is perfect. it is not. or that it's constantly falling back on still more tax hikes is promising. certainly not. for anyone to deny it's a big change in at least his thinking, they're wrong it is. and for boehner to just call it essentially a waste of time, well, it's not. because any time you have liberals blasting the president for making the offer and some labor union heads warning the president will rue the day he made the offerment i'm john boehner thinking there's got to be something to this offer. maybe i'll hear the president out. but no, boehner shuts him out. i understand why thi
americans. >> reporter: house speaker john boehner said he does give mr. obama some credit for moving on entitlements, but not at the price of higher taxes. >> i would hope that he would not hold hostage these modest reforms for his demand for bigger tax... hikes. listen, why don't we do what we can agree to do. why don't we find the common ground that we do have, and move on that. >> reporter: while speaker boehner and other republicans welcomed the president's offer on entitlements, many democrats voiced displeasure. they said the changes in social security and medicare would hurt seniors and other americans struggling to make ends meet. arizona representative raul grijalva is co-chair of the congressional progressive caucus. >> quite frankly, social security does not cause the deficit. it should be a separate discussion away from this whole budget issue. and it's been a trophy the republicans have wanted since i've been here for ten years, to begin to undo social security. i don't think democrats should hand them that opportunity readily. >> reporter: the budget does include new sp
to boehner. tenuous leadership. his deal, the right wing deal, we may not agree on abortion and we may not all agree on same sex or rander we're neocons paul types but the one thing that seems to be republican is we don't raise taxes. try toink obama will find some way to finesse that. code reform, tax he'll call it raising revenues but avoiding something you could tax increasel a but, chris, the republicans are running scared. they're very disoriented. how are we going to adapt to a country moving so quickly so i don't think there are as many fixed anchors. another important thing is that the package that obama put together cleverly is, in essence, the deal he made with boehner more than a year ago, so he's coming back to that and he's in a position to say to republicans,he look, the country wants this. you already agreed to it once. what do you mean you're not accept it? and i think that gives him leverage in this. chris: focusing on the wealthy. the wealthy and saying we're already there. you're now reneging on the deal that you made. it isn't clear that the country actually really
and involve reid and boehner. a boehner spokesperson tells politico the objective is to spare all americans from the legislation. the law kicks in next year. >>> frightening sights and sounds from alabama last night. >>> a series of fuel barge explosions along the mobile river sent three to the hospital with burns. coast guard and firefighters responded to two explosions followed by two blasts. it took place near carnival "triumph." the situation was so unstable, they let the barges burn into the night. >>> here is your "first look" at the morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> a bizarre scene at the campus of the medical university of south carolina. gop congressional candidate mark sanford decided to debate a cut-out poster of house leader, nancy pelosi. his democratic opponent refused at least one debate. where do you stand on it? what she would say is in a way that's very different from the way i stood for a long while. the whole notion of bringing our financial house in order. >> that's not weird at all. >> pelosi's office said the only people that took this seriously were the people
with speaker of the house jon boehner telling him what he knows. the president will speak and we'll find out the latest on this. but we also know that the intelligence committees on capitol hill have been briefed. the chairman of the intelligence committee said it is a terrorist incident. that was the chairwoman of the intelligence committee in the senator. she added, it could be foreign, it could be home-grown. that now the big question. >> but she did say it had all the hall marks of a terrorist attack. preliminary briefing by intelligence officials, you see the president right there with his chief of staff, dennis mcdonna, as well as there will be a former briefing tonight. we know john boehner will have a moment of silence on the house floor. >> reporter: yes, that's right. within half an hour from the speaker. >> at least 86 injured at the boston marathon shortly before 3:00 p.m. this afternoon. we had heard that there was no specific threat about the boston marathon. officials will go back to comb through everything they've seen and everything they've heard and everything observe that
. chuck todd is out on the white house lawn. chuck, i have just been told house speaker boehner is leading a moment of oh silence for the boston victims across town from you on the floor of congress. >> reporter: he is. we now see flags are officially being lowered to half staff. the president himself has been really in information receive mode. he's been getting updates all day when it comes from his homeland security director, fbi director. it's what the president said and what he didn't say that's important to listen to. take a listen to what the president said about who could be behind this and what will happen when they figure it out. >> we still do not know who did this or why. and people shouldn't jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake. we will get to the bottom of this. we will find out who did this. we'll find out why they did this. any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. >> reporter: as you heard there he specifically didn't say the word "terrorism." that was a decision they made in advance not to us
offered speaker boehner at the end of last year, including reforms championed by republican leaders in congress. and i don't believe that all these ideas are optimal, but i'm willing to accept them as part of a compromise. if and only if they contain protections for the most vulnerable americans. but if we're serious about deficit reduction, then these reforms have to go hand in hand with reforming our tax code, to make it more simple and more fair so that the wealthiest individuals and biggest corporations cannot keep taking advantage of loopholes and deductions that most americans don't get. that's the bottom line. if you're serious about deficit reduction, then there's no excuse to keep these loopholes open. they don't serve an economic purpose. they don't grow our economy. they don't put people back to work. all they do is to allow folks who are already well-off and well connected game the system. if anyone thinks i'll finish the job of deficit reduction on the backs of middle-class families or through spending cuts alone, that actually hurt our economy short term, they should t
, we have taken the last offer given to speaker boehner before he walked away from the negotiations and butt in the budget we put in an issue the president is serious about addressing, but, also, to show that there is a false choice between deficits as far as the eye can see and job creation and economic growth, you can do both. that is what the presidential's budget does and what you will see on wednesday. the president is having dinner with senate republicans on wednesday and we are talking with those folks so we are open to conversations and right now approach of many republicans particularly the leadership in the house is my way or the highway. their view is the only acceptable plan is to try to cut our way to prosperity, turn medicare into a up haver program, and essentially in that, the romney economic plan. the american people have rejected that and the republicans should not double down on that. >> house speaker boehner when he heard the reports of the obama budget rejected it saying he will not go along with it because it calls for new taxes. he will have dinner wednesday a
of the president's proposal, which is the compromise plan he put forward with speaker boehner, is about 600 to $700 billion in revenue. he's suggesting other revenues to help pay for infrastructure investments but that's the core. and remember, speaker boehner. >> neil: that's on top of the 600 billion he already got so we're to $1.2 trillion. >> but speaker boehner in the same negotiations that took place indicated a willingness to do about a trillion dollars in revenue. so -- yet at the same time the republican budget did not include any additional revenue from closing tax loopholes to benefit wealthy people. the real question now is that the president has come forward and put some of the republican ideas on the table. will the republicans come back and say look, mr. president, we're willing to try to meet you halfway. >> neil: what is happen way. accepting the tax hikes? >> yeah. if you -- just to keep it in perspective. the tax increases are significantly less in terms of revenue. even when you add it to the $700 billion from january, significantly less than bipartisan groups like simpson bowle
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